Five Ways Kanze Dena’s Life Has Changed Since Leaving Citizen TV for Statehouse

Kanze Dena (Instagram)

In October 2018, Kanze Dena left her job at Citizen TV for a lucrative position as State House Spokesperson and Head of the President’s Strategic Communication Unit (PSCU).

Her new job was confirmed by Chief of Staff Nzioka Waita who stated this, “We wish Ms Dena success in her new role and ask all stakeholders including PSCU staff, the media, and colleagues in Government to accord her the support she needs to excel.”

Since then, her life has changed drastically and here are 5 ways Kanze Dena’s life has changed since joining statehouse.

1.A Fatter Salary

Kanze Dena (Instagram)

While here salary at Citizen wasn’t too shabby it hardly compares what she earns as the State House Spokesperson and Head of the President’s Strategic Communication Unit (PSCU).

2.Her Dress Code Changed

Kanze Dena (Courtesy)

We were used to seeing Kanze in flamboyant colours and figure-hugging dresses but she traded this for something more sombre, power suits and other ‘serious’ clothes.

3. She No Longer Posts on Instagram

Kanze Dena’s last post on Instagram was on May 13, 2018. Her absence on social media has certainly been felt by fans who often tell her how much they miss her.

4. She is Now Super Private

Kanze Dena (Instagram)

While Kanze has never been one of those celebrities that overshare, she has always opened up her life to fans. However, since landing the government job, Kanze is now super private and she is rarely spotted unless on government business.

Even her wedding with Nick Mararo the CEO of Nuvision Media was super lowkey and there were instructions for people not to carry their phones. “She gave instructions that nobody should come with a phone. We had to get out of the venue to take selfies. She said she did not want a fuss,” a source told SDE.

5. She Has Made Political Enemies

Kanze Dena (Instagram)

Thanks to her job as a charming news anchor, Kanze was a darling of the masses.

This has changed a lot as she is now allied to the government so the government enemies are also her enemies. Sharp-tongued critics have called her a ‘sell-out’ and the ‘government mouthpiece’ and someone who has lost credibility.

There were also allegations that there was some infighting in the President’s Strategic Communication Unit with State House Digital Communication Director Dennis Itumbi allegedly instigating a fight with Kanze Dena over the control of the team.

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