Weeks After Wedding & Already Accused of Cheating? Meet All Women Jalang’o Was Rumored to Date

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It’s been barely two months after Comedian Jalang’o got married to his beautiful Taita wife, Amina Chao.

He has been exposed by a popular Entertainment vlogger, Edgar Obare for allegedly cheating on her. The YouTuber had shared a screenshot on his story whereby a fan texted him saying, ” Hi, investigate for us about Jalang’o having a side chick (immaculatekaranja).

The radio presenter was dating a lady identified as Immaculate Karanja back in May and to make matters worse, they were seen together during the weekend at Homa Bay. After this information leaked, former Papa Shirandula actor was furious and insulted Edgar.

Jalang’o and his wife, Amina Chao got married in a private traditional wedding ceremony on 26th October 2019. This took many by surprise and left the team mafisilets sad. Since he is in the limelight, girls will always be all over him and will try to befriend him so that they may gain from his popularity.

These are some of the women he has been rumoured to have dated the actor;

1. Cheptoek Boyo. They have been blessed with a daughter who is the first daughter. They are currently co-parenting and Boyo revealed they are best friends.

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2. Eunice Pendo. She is a Communication student from Daystar University who lives a lavish lifestyle that makes one wonder what they are doing with their lives.

3.Melanie Mwangi. She is the former Miss Daystar University 2018 and mother of one.

4.Immaculate Karanja.  She is the lady who was spotted with Jalang’o during the weekend at Homa Bay.

5. Diana Marua. 

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6. Taina Mumira. He dated her in 2018 and several screenshots went round showing how they call each other, ‘Babe’, ‘Hun’.

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