“I Want to Abandon My Child After Delivery,” Disturbed Woman Confesses

Motherhood is a gift and the excitement that comes with it gives women an extraordinary experience.

Far from the excitement or even looking forward to it, some women go through situations that forces them to view motherhood differently.

A disturbed woman has narrated how she has been thinking of leaving her child in the hospital after giving birth.

Have a look

So mums have been talking to my boyfriend who I’m pegged with 7nhalf pregnancy, he’s been away for 1ndhalf month, so on Friday he told me he was coming back, since then I haven’t heard from him, n he barely start conversation with me, I’m always the one to do the talking, I’ve been bitter thinking how I will survive cause I quit my little job because I couldn’t work anymore due to getting tired.

 sometimes I think of living the baby at the hospital whenever I will go to deliver, I know I made a bad choice by getting pregnant for this guy.

Please don’t judge we all make mistakes. ..I have very little savings that can’t even carter my needs till the time of delivery, not instead of trying to stress my self talking to him I just want to go silent till I deliver cause since I got pegged he’s never given me any support rather than giving me his fake promises.

pls mums give me some advice on what I can do if I should leave my baby at the hospital when I delivery cause I can’t take care of him? Or keep talking to a dump as niggah who has nothing to offer?

What is your advice to her?

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