My Evil Grandmother Should Have Lived to Witness my Success – City Lady Confession

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Disagreements and misunderstandings are a part of what many families go through.

No matter how much you would want to deny this, it is found in almost every home. Many homes disagree over all sorts of things because they’re human, but the good thing is it doesn’t have to last.

Issues and fights can be resolved, especially if you understand this reality and their causal factors.

With this in mind, however, how would you deal with a case where you or your family member were rejected by your own people? Below is a confession of a lady who was faced with such a confrontation:

I don’t even know why I feel I should tell you this but imma do it anyway. So my grandma passed on today at around 3 p.m.

I should cry or be in some sort of grief but instead, I feel so angry at God for letting this happen. Honestly, it’s not like I ever loved her or maybe I would have coz I was named after her like we share all the three names you know.

But she disowned us while we were babies, she’d tell my mum while we’re listening; how she was disappointed in dad for even marrying her and it broke my heart every single day.

We don’t stay with her in the same area so my siblings and I never even know the route to her home because of how she disrespected mom. Then my dad passed on she had the audacity to tell mum to move out of her son’s home with us.

I was in form 3 by then and old enough to get mad you know… 6years after my dad passed on she has never even spoken to my mom.

If they happen to meet at family gatherings or some functions she’ll just sneer pass by her you see, we’ve lived our lives trying so much not to hate her, but we’ve been praying so much that God keeps her alive so that she can witness our success, you know, the family she disowned and am so mad and angry at God for taking her a little too early.

I’m so mad and it hurts so bad I’ve broken all the glasses in my house trying to let the anger out but it just can’t go away

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