Khalwale Warns Senate Against Upholding Waititu’s Impeachment

Former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale has warned the Senate against rushing into hasty decisions on the fate of impeached Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu.

Addressing Senate speaker Ken Lusaka in a Twitter post, Khalwale noted that Waititu’s situation is highly delicate, since the matter is still with the court, which is yet to rule if the embattled county head is guilty of the charges of graft and abuse of office, which were also used as the grounds for his impeachment by the Kiambu County Assembly on Thursday.

According to Khalwale, it would be a crude injustice to Waititu if the Senate rushed to uphold the MCA’s ouster vote, only for the court to exonerate him of all charges levelled against him in future.

” @Ken_Lusaka, debating matters before the court is sub judice. U must think long & hard, consult far & wide,” the politician noted.

” It would be a grave travesty of justice if Senate were to uphold the impeachment, only for the courts to subsequently return an acquittal of Waititu,” he added.

Lusaka, according to the Constitution, is expected to establish a committee to probe the grounds of Waititu’s impeachment.

Afterwards, the Senate will vote on whether to uphold the motion, with only 24 senators needed to vote in its favour to seal the governor’s fate.

Other Governors who have been previously impeached but reinstated by Senate or the courts include Taita Taveta’s Granton Samboja and his Embu counterpart Martin Wambora.

In Waititu’s Thursday impeachment, 63 out of 92 MCAs voted in favour of the motion, with only one MCA voting against it.

28 MCAs were absent during the vote.

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