Pastor Ng’ang’a Shocks Many After Claiming He’s Dating King Kaka’s Mother (Video)

Controversial city preacher James Ng’ang’a has sprung back to trending lists yet again, this time with a rather shocking declaration.

The pastor, who has been dominating headlines for the better part of 2019, shocked many after claiming rapper King Kaka’s mother is his girlfriend.

The Neno Evangelism Centre church head, who is married to wife number three now who is also most half his age, shared the shocking statement in his church. He went on also to call him a fool before urging him to hang out with Matatu touts rather than seeking to trend on social media.

“King Kaka, your mother is my girlfriend,” said the pastor while preaching. “Wherever you are, tell King Kaka your mother is my girlfriend.” 

King Kaka’s mum

The “joke” comes at a time the rapper has been trending following his new song “Wajinga Nyinyi” in which he attacks politicians for being corrupt.

King Kaka’s mum, Elizabeth Ombima, has been in the limelight thanks to several cameos she has made in her son’s songs. His dad, Julius Ombima, passed away when he was only 16 years.

Speaking about her mum, King Kaka recently explained why she’s her role model.

‘’I was asked juzi, who is my role model, I said my mother. I mean nani hustler Kama yeye, she raised 3 boys na biashara ya kuuza matunda na most times ni labda kanjo wamemshika but managed. Wacha vile watu wanasema I am the ultimate hustler. I mean Mandela was great with the Leadership, Biko was Wise, Luther King was firm with his leadership, Obama with his words, Maathai with her vision, Ali with his confidence but No One Beats My Mother. And she raised a King. I salute You Mama. Queen Elizabeth. The Real Legend.’’ he said.

King Kaka, his brothers and mother.

The pastor was attacking the rapper who called him out in his song for being corrupt.

Watch the video below:

Ma come backs

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Pastor Ng'anga had some words for #KingKaka 😲😲

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