Hollyman! Prophet Owuor “Replacer” Surprises Many After Saying He Has Avoided Sex for 40 Years

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Controversial Kenyan prophet Stephen Thuranira has shocked Kenyans after he publicly revealed that he has never slept with a woman for 40 years.

The Eldoret-based preacher made this confession during an interview at one of the local radio stations. The man of God added that the Lord started communicating with him since he was 6.

Speaking on his relationship life, the prophet claimed that God ordered him not to be involved in any romantic bond and he since honored the instructions.

The prophet says he had a difficult time following God’s orders and wondered how a celibate life would be. To account for how he managed to lead such a ‘pure’ life Thuranira made it clear that he spent a great part of his adult life in the forest.

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The prophet who is currently in a one-year marriage also narrated how God gave him a sign and he proceeded even though he was scared to get into a relationship. According to him, the marriage was never about physical connection but was genuinely about him obeying God.

The preacher also emphasized that his wife is the only woman he has ever got intimate with after being celibate for that long.

‘’I have never touched any woman all my life. My wife is my first. I only touched her after a very terrible fight with God.

“I am now 40 but I wanted to marry when I was 26. The Lord told me not to marry then, it was not hard but I had to be without a woman for all that time,’’ he stated

Thuranira became popular after he declared that God had sent him to replace Prophet Owour.



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