Jacque Maribe’s Celebrity Squad’s Absence During Her Birthday Raises Eyebrows (Photos)

Maribe’s Celebrity Squad (Bonfire Adventures)

For a long time, Jacque Maribe’s girl squad has been ‘friendship’ goals for a lot of people.

The squad has been there for each other’s parties, they have taken lavish trips together and were even present for her engagement. So, their absence during her birthday party was noticeable and many wondered out loud if they had fallen out.

Save for Monica Kiragu none of her squad members not even Shix Kapienga wished her a ‘Happy Birthday’ indicating that all is not good in the hood.

Maribe partied the night away with new friends Milly Chebby, Angela Cheror and Chemutai ahead of her main bash on Wednesday.

Below are a few pics from Maribe’s big day:


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