I Supported my Husband When He Had Nothing But Left Me to Suffer – City Woman Cries

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Character is a trait that’s fast losing its value in today’s world.

Even though the character is what truly defines a person, being a man of character is what truly makes a man greater than his peers.

No man how underrated character has become in today’s world, character can never be done without. Even if you have billions in the bank, you stink without character.

It’s important to always remember that being mean, heartless and insensitive doesn’t make you a real man and it would never make you one.

Below is a confession of a lady who had been suffering after things became rocky in her marriage.

I met this guy at my place of work by then I was 25yrs he was 28. We fell in love and boom within no time like after 1 year I was pregnant and we moved in together.

After the baby, I decided not to be employed again and I gave him a business idea. Things were really good and we supported each other. He lost his job and I was the one supporting him actually after 2 months I got a job for him through a friend.

When the baby was 1year we started a business and it did well. Business was good and the business brought more money that’s when things changed.

He started having this mentality that a woman should not handle more money than the husband and to cut the story short money was flowing and that’s when I noticed the change.

He started doing lates nights, sleeping kwa parking and it went to cheating. Things got rocky and he started harassing me physically I even have braces now.

He once took a knife and threatened to kill me before my boy that’s when I made a decision to move out. All these things happened in a span of 1 year. I moved out it’s now a year and am still pressing on not looking back.

I left the business and everything and he doesn’t support his child. I have really cut the story short so many things I have left behind and i have no idea what action to take on him because I am broke and the baby and I are suffering.

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