Hata Baba Akikufa! Kenyan Man Shares How Ungrateful Girlfriend Always Demands Money From Him

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Before settling down with your potential partner, it is important to identify the kind of person they truly are and most especially if they are there with a certain.

Everybody wants a financially stable relationship, they might not say it upfront but nobody wants to date a broke person. So how do you tell if she/he is in for the money?

Over the years, it becomes less difficult to tell who loves you for your wealth and money. Simply withhold some privileges from them, and they’ll show their genuine colours soon enough.

If your partner chooses you because of what you have, what happens to that union when things take an unpleasant turn in your finances?

On some occasions, there are men that are motivated by women who love money, it makes them work harder.

The best advice to men who find it hard to give money to their ladies is to allow people to find themselves, date themselves and deal with their problems.

As a man/woman date your income capacity and stop insulting women/men who are honest about who they are or what they want out of life.

In a series of back and forth WhatsApp conversation, chats of a Kenyan couple surfaced exposing a lady who was ungrateful and only thought of herself.

From the conversation, the man had gone for his father’s burial and his lady was nagging him to ask for cash that he had promised to send on Saturday after the burial.

Upon being asked to source the money elsewhere, she got angry and this was after she had been sent 20k for her personal use the previous month. Shocking right?

Check the conversation below.

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