Sakaja Clears Air on Plan to Replace Sonko

Nairobi County Senator Johnson Sakaja has revealed that he is ready to replace embattled Governor Mike Sonko.

Speaking on Sunday evening when he appeared for K24 Tv Punch Line show, the senator, despite downplaying reports that he was secretly eyeing Sonko’s position, insisted that if the people of Nairobi demanded that he vie for the position, then he was much than ready to offer his candidature.

Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja with Governor Mike Sonko at the Nairobi County Assembly. PHOTO/ FILE

Sakaja stated that he was currently actively playing his role as the senator for Nairobi county but won’t mind if he is called upon to take over the mantle.

“If people of Nairobi want me to vie for Governor, I will go for it but for now I must continue playing my role as a senator unapologetically,” stated Sakaja when asked about his interests for the seat.

The senator further communicated that under the current situation, a by-election to replace Sonko was very much possible in Nairobi since services at the country’s biggest city should be delivered.

“For me, it is about getting Nairobi moving forward. I am on record talking about the position of the deputy governor. Nairobi must work. It has 17 constituencies and millions of people require services…a by-election in Nairobi is very possible at the moment ” he stated.

He, however, opined that the county could still be broken down into boroughs managed by managers.

The senator’s remarks come at a time the country’s economic hub is facing leadership crisis after Sonko was arrested recently, charged with corruption cases at the county, and barred from accessing his office.

The ban on Sonko means the governor will not be able to execute his duties effectively at the City Hall as his office is still considered a crime scene.

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While ruling on his bail on Wednesday last week, Kilimani chief magistrate Douglas Ogoti barred Sonko from accessing his office claiming that by doing so, the governor was likely to interfere with evidence or witnesses in the case against him.

Mr Sonko is facing graft cases where he, together with other county officials are accused of embezzling county funds totalling up to Sh357 million through dubious and questionable issuance of tenders.

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