David Ndii’s Intellectual Clash With City Lawyer Over Nairobi State

Top city lawyer Donald Kipkorir took to twitter to lament over Nairobi’s poor state that has led to lack of beautiful clean towns. He used an international picture of breathtaking regions to elaborate his point. Kipkorir further questioned whether it should be blamed on corrupt planners or Kenyans.

One Ahmed Mohamed challenged him saying that the lawyer was basically proposing a class system. ‘A sort of bourgeois and proletariat one’. Ahmed rather felt that we should advocate for a place where all can live comfortably irrespective of their background.

“Where Peace, security, equality cuts across. Where no one sees the other as child of a lesser God!,” said Mohamed.

“My Dear Brother, thst is not how life was conceived to be … It is only animals whom we think live in an egalitarian society but aren’t even. What we need is everyone, irrespective of class, gets same services: good roads, water, clean environment, respect of planning laws, ” Kipkorir responded to Ahmed.

(L) David Ndii, (R)Donald Kipkorir 

Economist David Ndii, however, thought that Donald suffered an EQ deficiency + nouveau riche bourgeois claiming that Kipkorir’s aspirations were bound to give one occasional ‘bouts of verbal diarrhoea‘.

“Describing Donald KipKorir‘s view as “verbal diarrhoea”, you have ended further interrogation and discussion of the matter. I think we ought to give his viewpoint some space. Perhaps it is what will make us begin to seriously question why we have accepted chaos & disorder,” Mungai Kihanya replied to Ndii.

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Nairobi city

“Mungai, it is sad so-called intellectuals don’t have the mental temperance to give contrary view, but like illiterate villagers spew abuses & expletives, “Kipkorir then answered Mungai.

Donald further pointed out to Ndii that if he were intellectually honest, he would be teaching the hoi polloi importance of planning regulations and economic advantages thereat.

“.. Cities became livable & attract investment bec of urban planning … But then, the entire corpus of your theories is HATRED!”, stated Korir.

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