My Man Likes It Like That – Zari on Shaving Her Bush

Zari Hassan (Instagram)

Zari Hassan had a cheeky reply after a male fan revealed that as a grown woman, she shouldn’t shave her bush.

The elderly man believes that a mature woman should have a trimmed bush to differentiate her from the younger girls. This comment was in response to a photo where Zari flaunted her clean-shaven armpits.

Zari’s armpits (Instagram)

“Well, Zari, show some adulthood in you, you can’t be small girl make sure the lawn mowed trimmed but never removed. Trimmed but not removed. Don’t compete with your daughter for loose men,” read the comment.

Zari then revealed that her decision to shave her hair completely is inspired by the fact that her man likes it clean-shaven.

“That’s your preference of having a busy woman. My man loves it all shaved and clean😜,” read the mischievous reply.

My Man Likes It Like That – Zari on Shaving Her Bush

Functions of the Pubic Hair

While Zari and her man enjoy a clean-shaven look, health experts warn against shaving completely especially in the vaginal area. This is because pubic hair serves a purpose on our bodies.

One of the functions of the pubic hair is to protect your vagina from harmful bacteria, dust, and infection meaning that shaving exposes your delicate vagina to bacteria, dust, and infections.

Pubic hair also protects the vagina from friction during sexual intercourse and prevents your vaginal folds from sticking together.

“Vaginas are made of a mucous membrane, a type of skin that is more delicate than that on the rest of your body. Your pubes are there to cushion and protect your vagina from everything the world throws at it — d*cks, other vaginas, sex toys, bacteria, viruses, you name it. Pubic hair helps ensure that your vaginal folds don’t stick together, which can result in rash and infection. It also protects your vagina from friction during sexual activity. As if that all weren’t enough, the hair also acts as a natural barrier, preventing potentially harmful bacteria from entering your p*ssy,” explains an excerpt from

Shaving and waxing can cause irritation as the methods of hair removal are harsh to the delicate skin of the vulva. Some methods of waxing are not only painful but can also tear the skin.

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