My Boyfriend Has Been Spreading STI and Milking Women For His Selfish Gain – Nairobi Lady Cries

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One sure way to know if your man or woman is cheating is to ask them about their whereabouts from time to time and keep track of what answers you get.

Liars find it hard to keep up with the act, and will likely slip up soon enough.

But what happens you learn your partner was diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection or disease, and they are seeing other people?

What would you do?

Check out the confession below of a lady who is warning fellow ladies to learn through her experience:

I just want a platform to express some situation which I’m afraid other girls might be undergoing and I wouldn’t wish such on anybody.

Okay, I met this dude in 2015 and all was well, we then started dating. Actually, we joined campus the same year but different places so it was kinda a long distance relationship but all in all it worked maybe according to me.

So we had ups and downs with the guy for 2 years till last year December when I snooped on his phone and found out he was cheating so I let go of the issue and tukamove on until this year.

Recently, I discovered he had 3 other ladies yaani madem kwa madem. The sad thing about it is that I discovered 3 other chicks like me whom he had manipulated, the issue is this guy is f****g everyone raw giving the three of us an STI. Akona io infection na haitreat na daily anaf**k dem so the disease is Spreading.

Now the worst part of the story this dude ametumanipulate through the same way gold-digging us money like sh*t with excuses like “babe sina tokens nisave rwabe” babe sina food babe, this babe that but due to kale kalove kiasi we end up sending him cash.

So now every time he broke up with a girl he body shames them like “huna ata sura tuanzie apo, huna matako and such hurtful words.
He’s so manipulative and sadly he’s doing this to more than 20 girls wenye amefanya kila mtu abelieve she’s the only one.

My concern is this disease he’s spreading to innocent girls akiwakula pesa na hawajui that thing I can’t wish it upon any girl and he’s a well-known dude from MKU I just want everyone to be aware and be safe cause he’s like a parasite.

Madem wote wa Thika road I think have gone through him. Each and every day he does that to an innocent girl who he knows of what they’re going through.

I had a mental breakdown like the other three; he literally makes your life miserable leaving you with those STIs na amekuhustle nearly 10k bila huruma with an excuse that atalipa. It is just too much.

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