My Baby Daddy Earns So Much But He is Never Supportive – Kenyan Woman Cries

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Each passing day there is always a deadbeat dad somewhere neglecting his duties even when there is proof he can provide.

What would you do if you learnt that your baby daddy has received a raise and he is neglecting his children? Though some women take advantage of their children to mint money from their husbands which is very unfair.

Over time, dead beat issues have been on a rise and no one is being left out. No one is safe, either: Local politicians, women, even celebrities are getting named and shamed.

Below is a confession of a lady who was left to fend for her children and she has been struggling since then.

I received a call yesterday from a friend who works for same company as my baby daddy, that he has been promoted from data clerk to manager.
The pain of seeing him making 80,000kshs per month yet he can’t support his child, can’t send money to buy food or school fees since next year our kid will start going to school.
Yaani he can’t pay medicine for our kid ata. Should I go to his company and talk to his boss or I should assume, but on the real note am jobless, nimerudi kwetu.
I was in school sai nimemaliza but sina uwezo. Yet baby daddy anakula hii pesa yote without supporting his kid. What should I do aki or should I go to the children’s department?
Do you think it would be oay for her to confront him now that she has learnt he has an increment in his salary?

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