Video of Sonko Bragging About Being a Kamiti Prison Sick Bay Leader Emerges

Is Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko as hardcore as he has, over the years, almost convinced Kenyans he is?

It appears not. From the screeching screams he made during his Friday arrest, to getting admitted to hospital just hours after being sent to Industrial Area and Kamiti Prison thereafter, the embattled County head has fallen short of his “gangster” reputation.

Flamboyant Nairobi governor Mike Sonko

Sonko’s admission to Kenyatta National Hospital, Tuesday, came as an ironic shock to many of his supporters, who expected him to easily adapt to life behind bars, given his conviction history.

Before joining politics, Sonko served time at Shimo La Tewa Prison in the late 90s, and was, in the early 2000’s sent to Industrial Area and Kamiti Prison.

The flashy politician has always been vocal, to some extent braggy, about his jail terms, asserting that he is not ashamed of his past.

In fact, Sonko, in 2017, took to national television to brag about the leadership roles he held at the three prisons, in an attempt to explain that he is a naturally born leader.

“I was a leader for the ordinary block…I used to supervise how uji was being distributed, and beans,” the former inmate, describing his term at Shimo La Tewa, told Jeff Koinange on the JKL TV segment.

“I went to Industrial Area Prison, I was the leader of the C Block,” Sonko continued, before stating that at Kamiti, he was, apart from leading the Sick Bay Block, also in charge of the B and D blocks.

In the conversation, Sonko also asserted that he would not let his past define his future.

Since his incarceration at the three facilities, Sonko’s stature has risen, from an ordinary lawbreaker to the head of the most crucial county in the country.

His crimes have also escalated, from petty offences such as failing to show up for court proceedings, to the current mega corruption scandal that threatens the freedom, and career, of the controversial politician.

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