CCTV Footage Shows How Likoni Man Drove Into Indian Ocean

CCTV footage at the Likoni channel has revealed how a man believed to be 46-year-old John Mutinda drove his car straight into the Indian Ocean.

According to the Kenya Ferry Services (KFS) Mutinda veered straight into the Indian ocean at around 4.20 Am on December 7.

The video, though a bit dark, shows a vehicle accelerate into the ocean instead of heading towards the parked ferry in an action which seems intentional.

As soon as the private car hits the water, all goes quiet as it sinks vertically into the ocean.

While confirming the incident on Saturday, KFS disclosed that the motorist evaded paying the ferry ticket and almost ran over staff on duty as he drove off in high speed.

Mutinda’s body was retrieved from the ocean on Saturday morning a few hours after the incident.

His vehicle, registration number KAX 475B, was later on retrieved from six metres deep inside the ocean.

Reports from family members have stated that before the incident, Mutinda was a disturbed man.

Mutinda’s vehicle after retrieval from the sea

According to Mr Mutinda’s relative, Benard Kieti, the victim told his wife that he had received a call from his late father before leaving the house in a huff.

“He was saying things that his wife could not comprehend when he left. The wife tried to stop him in vain,” stated Mr Kieti

This analogy of events has left tongues wagging on whether this was an accident or a suicide mission.

This incident comes a few months after Mariam Kighenda and her daughter Amanda Mutheu died at the channel after their car plunged into the ocean from MV Harambe on September 29.

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