Why Ruto Might Have His Way Over the BBI Report

The ongoing debate over the recently launched BBI report took a new twist.

The project by President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga elicited heated reactions on how it should be implemented.

A section of politicians remarked that the document should be tabled in parliament while another stated that a referendum is the better option

William Ruto
Deputy President William Ruto [Photo, Courtesy]
The chair of the Constitutional Implementation Oversight Committee Jeremiah Kioni, noted that the findings of the initiative would need to be tabled at the National Assembly.

According to Kioni, a huge chunk of the contents of the report need to be executed by the lawmakers.

“70 per cent of the work here will be done through bills, through policy and through the administration,” remarked the ex-Ndaragwa MP.

He added that, “It is 30 per cent that will need constitutional amendments and a referendum.”

Parliament during a past session

Implementation should be legal

The legislator’s sentiments were echoed by his counterpart William Cheptume, Head of the Justice Legal Affairs Committee.

Cheptume noted that the groups are prepared to receive the document formally when it is tabled before the house.

The politician expressed that the procedure should be within the law.

“As the legal affairs committee, we are prepared to take the lead. My team is ready and waiting for it to be tabled in parliament.

“The mechanism of implementing should be legal and within the law to allow the country to move forward,” commented Cheptume.

The stand by the two contradicts that of the Speaker Of the National Assembly Justin Muturi.

National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi during a past session in parliament

Muturi pointed out that Kenyans should have the final say on the way forward for the paperwork.

The speaker reiterated that parliament had no business in the matter as they were not consulted during the formation of the task force.

“It would be unfair for Parliament at this stage, to take over any of the propositions until the owners of the BBI feel they want to take it to some other organ,” explained Muturi.

ODM is panicking

Deputy President William Ruto and his allies are insinuated to advocate for the Parliament way while Raila insists that the people are the ones to decide.

Controversy, however, resulted when Ruto articulated that he was ready for a referendum.

The DP uttered that the people would only accept the referendum if suggested by the report.

According to Tanga Tanga leaders, ODM was panicking over the matter after they found out it did not suit them as they thought.

The Raila led team proclaimed that DP Ruto wanted the BBI report in the August House, due to fears that their bid might fail.

Uhuru who seemed neutral in the debate, let his gloves off and indicated that Ruto and his camp should desist from confusing Kenyans.

The angry president articulated that the politicians lacked a sense of direction in the matter.

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