Sonko at a CrossRoad After New Court Orders in EACC Fight

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko’s troubles deepened following new court orders in his fight against the EACC.

Sonko moved to court in a bid to seek help after he was alleged to be involved in a series of corruption cases.

The anti-corruption body descended on the governor pointing an accusing finger over missing county government funds.

Mike Sonko
Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko

Presiding Judge Justice John Onyiego ruled that no interim orders will be issued to block the watchdog in investigating the Nairobi County boss.

The verdict indicated that the embattled Sonko risks being arrested and jailed if found guilty of the crime.

Onyiego further stated that the hearing of his application will be done on Dec 9.

Governor Sonko’s recent behaviour, however, brought more questions than answers to the claims by the EACC.

Sonko shows off gold-coated items

Residents of the city were left fuming after the controversial politician showed off his opulence in photos shared on his Facebook page.

Last Sunday, the county boss while informing people of the hotline numbers to be used in cases of emergencies, sat in a room full of gold-coated fittings.

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko displaying his gold-coated acquisitions

The move by the leader seemed to have swayed city dwellers into now proclaiming that probably he is not innocent after all.

What angered the residents was that the embattled Sonko could afford to do such a thing at a time when the city was being chocked with troubles.

Poor drainage systems around the city were attributed to the flooding being experienced due to the heavy rains.

Deteriorating Fedha Estate road 

The situation was highlighted as neglection by the governor who has done more harm than good.

Fedha Estate residents on Monday burnt tyres and blocked off the road heading to the area in protest of the bad roads.

Residents of Fedha Estate block road with stones and burning tyres
A section of the Fedha Road to Nyayo Estate Gate B

The people complained that the state of the roads had deteriorated and Embakasi East MP Babu Owino and Sonko had failed to do their duties.

The Jubilee party member has occasionally complained that there are cartels in his government.

According to the once Senator of Nairobi, the unknown group is responsible for the problems being felt in the city.

The situation left the flamboyant governor crying for help from President Uhuru Kenyatta not one occasion but two times.

The latest events left an image that the rot witnessed at City Hall is Sonko’s doing and only he can fix it.

The latest developments posed the big question, has Sonko been finally cornered?

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