Audit Report: Bomet County Spent Ksh398K to Purchase Governor’s PA Chair

An audit report analysed by Senate Public Accounts Committee on Tuesday unmasked wild spending at the Bomet County, with Governor Hillary Barchok at pains to explain how his county spent at least Ksh8 million on office furniture.

The amount spent on Governor’s furniture equals the 12 months parking fees collected in the county.

Deputy President William Ruto shakes hands with Bomet Governor Hillary Barchok.

According to a statement read by the accounts committee Chair Moses Kajwang, the Governor’s Personal Assistant sits on a chair, with a side extension for comfort, worth Ksh398,000.

Other senators present at the grilling were Kimani Wamatangi (Kiambu), Sam Ongeri (Kisii) and Ledama Olekina (Narok).

Also, the Bomet Governor’s seat cost taxpayers a whooping Ksh755,000, while his office table is worth Ksh500,000.

“How lucky will one be to be a governor’s PA of Bomet County? So, the governor sits on a chair worth the cost of a classroom in? Was there prudence on the use of public money ?” Kajwang posed.

Besides, the county spent Ksh57,000 to purchase an executive flower pot, Ksh1.1 million in purchasing conference chair and Ksh800,000 in acquiring the conference table.

Reports indicate that the furniture were acquired during the 2016-2017 financial year from renowned furniture experts, Panesar.

According to Senator Ongeri, only the office of the President and the National Assembly buy furniture from Panesar.

“We know how expensive they are. Why didn’t you go to prisons or Jua Kali people? I buy mine from Jua kali,” said Senator Ongeri.

However, Governor Barchok defended his administration and said that the procurement process was done by former governor Isaac Ruto.

He added that his administration only made payments to already delivered goods.

Besides, the Governor’s office cost Ksh50 million while Ksh24 million was spent on landscaping.

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