The Pyramid and 5 Other Crazy S*x Positions That Will Make Your Woman’s Eyes Roll Back Into Her Head Tonight

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Sex is a fun activity and men get extra points especially for making a woman orgasm.

Making a woman’s eyes roll back with her fingers clawed into your back and toes curled is not a pleasure most men experience.

It is however not impossible. Here are seven sure ways to get her eyes rolled back tonight.



You and your partner will love the view and the control you get from this position. The fact that blood is rushing to whoever’s at the bottom means that the climax will be even more orgasmic.

X position


Just as the name suggests, in this position, the couple is expected to be in an X position with the man sitting up and the woman lying down. This will give the man easier access to deeper spots bound to make her scream his name.

Doggy Style

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Believe the hype! You can never go wrong with doggy style and it is bound to make both the woman and man climax at the same time. And the beauty is that it has so many variations.

The Sphinx

Like most rear-entry sex positions, this one is great for G-spot stimulation. It is a variation of doggy where the woman leans forward onto her elbows to elevate her rear end. The man then hits it from behind while lying on top. Thank me later lads.

Standing Wheelbarrow


If you played the wheelbarrow game growing up, this is just the x-rated version. With the woman standing upside down, the man is in full control and hence the sensation sweeter for both.

The Pyramid

This position is best executed in a threesome if you and your partner are into the kinky life. It is where the man is lying on his back and one woman is seated on his penis while the other rides the face. Don’t be shy!

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