Citizen TV Forced to Apologise to Martha Karua After Horrible Error

Citizen TV found themselves in trouble after making a horrible mistake against Narc Kenya party leader Martha Karua.

A grievous error in the tweet by the Royal Media Services-owned television station left them with a bad image.

During an interview on their DayBreak show, the person managing their twitter platform referred to Karua as the party leader of ANC.

Former Gichugu MP Martha Karua

The mistake was repeated in the tweets as the show went on.

The media house only realised their blunder after the female politician’s party brought it to the limelight.

“Greetings @citizentvkenya #DayBreak, all good there? We wish to confirm that Hon. @MarthaKarua has not ‘lefted’ the group to @anc_party. Good morning,” read the tweet from the organisation.

This prompted the media firm to issue an instant apology and rectified the mistake in their tweets.

“We apologise for the error. It is highly regretted and has since been rectified,” noted the tweet.

Karua had graced the morning show to discuss the matter surrounding the released BBI report.

According to the veteran politician, the initiative by President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga is a disappointment.

The Narc Kenya leader reiterated that the document had nothing new to offer to Kenyans.

The former presidential candidate uttered that a huge chunk of the recommendations was already known by the public.

Karua added that the handshake and BBI were complete opposites. She pointed out that the two projects had different missions to achieve when they were created.

The no-nonsense leader highlighted that the deal between the two politicians was to bring calmness to the nation.

The once Gichugu MP commented that the country doesn’t need a Prime Minister post as it already has one.

The ex-Kirinyaga gubernatorial candidate expressed that the position was already held by Interior CS Fred Matiang’i.

Karua remarked that the BBI report was advocating for a superior minister in the National Assembly.

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