5 Tips Of Having Great Sex When High With Your Partner

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When you are high, you are bound to do crazy things like laughing out loud, spilling all your secrets, dancing the whole night, causing unnecessary drama, sleeping around with anyone, just to mention a few.

A study was conducted by Psychology Today and they discovered that having sex when high enhances your sexual experience with your partner. Especially for those that smoke before sex but some people said that if the mood is down, you cannot enjoy.

It was also reported that having sex when high will give you intense orgasms that you will leave to remember. This will make you last longer in bed and bond more with your partner.

Here are 5 tips that will guide you to have the best sex when high with your partner;

1. Make sure to use lube. 

When you are high on any smoking element, it is possible to experience dryness in your mouth (cottonmouth) because the salivary glands have been blocked by the THC which is found in weed. This will make kissing uncomfortable and boring. The vagina will also experience dryness and this will result in painful sex.

To avoid any dryness, simply purchase lube and use the most suitable one for both of you.

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2.  Do not try something new. 

Yes, you may be high and excited to have sex with your partner but do not try something new. This is because it may flop and you may never want to try it when sober. Do the usual that you are used to and let it flow because the body knows better what it wants.

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3.Start Small

Before planning to get high, you need to start with small portions. This will slowly create a certain mood that will make you relax and get comfortable.

When you even begin having sex with your partner you will be into it. If you start by smoking and drinking in huge portions, it will definitely ruin the moment. You will either blackout, fall asleep or your sexual mood will decrease.

4. Focus on the present moment. 

Do not start asking weird questions like ‘why are we doing this?’, ‘why have you removed my clothes’ and the likes. This will destroy the moment.

Relax, go with the flow and live in the moment with your partner and enjoy.

5. Have aggressive foreplay. 

When both of you are sexually aroused, you definitely want to tear each other up and that is okay. Make sure to have erotic foreplay that will lead to an amazing lovemaking session.

Once you know what turns your partner on, this will be easy.

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