‘Aki Wewe’ and 12 Other Things Women Say While Being Undressed For Sex

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Women are normally advised to dominate when it comes to bedroom matters but some end up shy because they do not know what to expect from their partner or suitor.

There are common phrases Kenyan women are known to say once they are undressed for sex. These statements can be a buzzkill especially if the man has been looking forward to that day he will be hitting it right.

Here are common phrases that women say while being undressed for sex;

1. ‘Aki wewe’. This girl was just waiting for this moment. Do not be fooled by that naive phrase.

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2. ‘This is between us’. This kind of statement comes from a lady that is either sleeping with her bestie’s man, someone’s father or cousin.

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3. ‘Do you have a condom.’ There are girls who must do it with a condom since they do not want infections and sexually transmitted diseases.

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4.’ How many women have you slept with?’. These are the curios women who won’t give in until they know where the mjulus has passed.

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5.’ Do you love me?’ When she asks that just know she may be falling in love with you and she will give you a good one.

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6.’Aki you have a good one!’ There are these men who are just blessed with a great package.

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7.’What are you doing?‘ This kind of girl is also a buzz kill!

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8.’ I need to pee’. There are some girls who make the washroom their first priority before they get in the sheets.

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9.’I don’t normally do this!’ There is always going to be that girl who has never experienced getting in the sheets. Once you have undressed her, she may even tell you to stop and dress her back. Such a buzz kill!

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10. ‘Don’t cum inside prissss!’ This is commonly used by women who are avoiding to get pregnant and if you make a mistake you cum inside, you are doomed!

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11.’Make sure to pull out.’¬† This is also another trick of avoiding pregnancy and only pros can manage to do this.

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12.’ I am on my periods aki’. Some girls say this to avoid having sex with their man/suitor because they are not in the mood.

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13.’I am ovulating.’ When you are ovulating, you are very fertile and if there are no condoms involved, you will get pregnant.


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