Nairobi Woman Tells Married Women What Do When Their Husbands Cheat

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Cheating in a relationship has always been a debatable topic. Although some argue that the best way to deal with a cheating partner is to dump them,a relationship expert and broadcaster Lucy Beresford argues that the more courageous option is to stay and rebuild that relationship.

Lucy used the example of Jayz and Beyonce who worked on their relationship even though JayZ cheated.

“Jayz and his wife Beyonce looked in and faced the pain and emerged to rebuild a relationship with each other as well as writing a couple of albums in the process.

Not all of us can be able to channel our emotional trauma into platinum-selling music but we can all turn it into something arguably even more valuable with our same partner,” she said

Repairing the relationship and rebuilding trust might be tasking but some people would be open to give the relationship a chance.A city woman agrees to this option and has advised ladies to forgive their cheating husbands.

According to her, women are expected to persevere and never leave their husbands no matter what. She also added that in marriage, men are allowed to cheat but women are not.

“You need to persevere. In marriage, men are allowed to cheat, but women are forbidden from that. Your duty as a wife is to forgive him every time.” She wrote in her post

As she claims, this advice is what has kept her marriage for 20 years. This post has sparked mixed reactions from women who strongly disagree with her advice.

Check out some of the reactions

Ralsy Timberly Kila mtu na life yake
Ile siku utajipata uko mgonjwa usikuje kutulilia hapo..

Metrina Mwende Congratulations👏👏👏👏👏as Ur stupidity speaks higher of you…wewe pambana na hali yako acha wengine wajiadvice within those 20years 🙄

Pätrîcíåh Trîccïê Pìpèr Can’t blame you , that’s how little you value yourself .🙄🙄🙄When u demand respect u will be respected

Lydia Mwasaru Ngoja ukimwi that advise ata your Dota usimpee please atakidharau

Mwente Kasweets Stupid enslaved soul. Ni hayo tu kwa sasa

Would you ever forgive a cheating partner?

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