Gospel Singer Ringtone Sends Harsh Message To ‘Twa Twa’ Pastor

Kenyan Gospel Artist Ringtone has publicly criticized Pastor Susan Munene over her Twa Twa remarks.

Taking to his Instagram page, Ringtone disagreed with the pastor suggesting that sex is not God’s game but meant for married couples. He also added that the only game designed by God which people enjoy is prayers.

“Nataka niwaambie leo kwamba sex si game ya God, sex ni ya wale watu ambao wameoana. Game ya God ambayo watu wote wanaplay na wanafurahia inaitwa prayer kwasababu mtoto mdogo na mtu mzee wote wanapray.” He stated

Ringtone claims that Pastor Susan is misleading children because they emulate elder people. According to the singer, the feeling of engaging in the sexual act anywhere is not a godly spirit.

“Wacha kudanganya watoto wadogo. Utafanya  hata watoto wa class one waanze kupiga twa twa kama wewe because they emulate the elder people. ushidwe sana!”  he said

Ringtone also mentioned that even the law does not allow people to have sex in a car and he advised the married to go to lodge inns if they want to engage in the act.

His remarks come days after the video of Pastor Susan addressing married couples went viral. The pastor later explained that this message was not intended for people who are not married.

This harsh message to the pastor has sparked mixed reactions from Kenyans who called him out for being clueless about the facts of the pastor’s speech.

A popular gospel  Deejay ggactivist responded with an explanation of the context of the remarks

Bro it was a couples meeting that happened to trend. Usiwahi tense,” he wrote

Another social media user  blasted Ringtone claiming that he is so immature.

I think people have to understand that this was a seminar of marriage peoples, Kenyans who made this to trend they have to go back to nursery and come back matured…

Don’t entertain this stupidity, who said was for everybody??? They even make children to understand TWA TWA whereby was not their message, am tired of this unmatured people. Nkt!!faithjohnson270  wrote

Here are more reactions from Kenyans

anjanakabiBoy acha Domokaya ,she was trying to help couple ,if you know you are not married why do you listen to it.

swalehofficialKwani natafuta bibi ulimaanisha nini?🤔🤔Wee jaribu Twa Twa kwanza ndio ujue maana yake before you lecture here.😂😂😂

christravis3228Wewe hukumbuki ukifuata zari TWA TWA TWA hyo pia ni ya God

bigm66959The msg went to grown up sio watoto..i think u should find a wife maze ndio utaelewa

milll130Acha ujinga wewe,, sikiza massage ya huyo mama vizuri. Unakuanga umeachilia dakika sana.

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