Bring Back Our Chokoraa! KOT Go Rampage After Famous Influencer Was Suspended

Billy the Goat

Twitter has become a platform that unites Kenyans in the occurrence of any type of event. KOT stormed with a bang after one of the influencer’s account was suspended.

Henry Paul famously known as Billy the Goat or Crazy Nairobian has been spicing up most people’s lives with his funny and frequent tweets.

He is described as a stress reliever and a reason as to why many Kenyans joined twitter. His suspension was for a very petty reason.

A meme that has been going around on social media about a woman yelling to a cat was the cause of his suspension. It was said that he used the said images on his timeline without the permission of the actual owner.


“A photo of my pet cat that I took using my phone on the dining table while taking dinner. The photo is now being distributed on your timeline without my description,” the photo’s owner said.

Check out the tweets below as Kenyans walked on Twitter streets calling for Billy to be released from the ‘Twitter’s prison’.

However, as his fans called for justice on his behalf, haters were bust shaming him for his looks. Check out the nasty tweets below.

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