Kenyans Include ‘Twa Twa’ Into BBI Report and Here’s Why Only Men Are Happy

The BBI report and the ‘TWA TWA’ incident have been on the trends throughout the week and Kenyans have come up with an interesting way to link the two up.

The building bridges Initiative report is a relevant document considering that it addresses issues that are vital in building a united nation.

The awaited document was on Tuesday presented to President Kenyatta at the State House and on Wednesday officially released to the public.

Even though the document highlights issues like corruption, divisive elections, inclusivity among other things, Kenyans have added their own segment addressing sexual relations in a banter that has now gone viral.

The boychild has over the years complained about incidents where women ask for fare from men when they plan to meet up only for them not to show up.

The statement in the photoshopped image favors men since it indicates that women will now be fined for receiving fare and failing to show up.

They also included that the government will now offer venues for married couples to engage in sex at their workplaces.

Image result for funny fare meme kenya

Some Kenyans believe that the Twa Twa video united the nation more than how the BBI report has.  Despite the report being vital, twitter users have created all sorts of memes including the made-up segment.


This image comes days after Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko banned sex in public especially CBD after the remarks by Pastor Susan.

“Nisawa “Twa Twa” but County Government of Nairobi won’t allow “Twa Twa” in public especially in CBD,” wrote Sonko on social media.






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