He will Keep You! 5 Ways Every Kenyan Woman Should Appreciate Her Man

In as much as men were created to pursue the woman, every man deserves to be appreciated. It’s the best thing you will ever do for him. He will feel loved, treasured and adored.

Appreciating your man is also a sign that will make him know if you are worth keeping or not. So if you do not want to lose him, here are 5 major ways of appreciating your man;

1. Listen to Him. 

Every man appreciates a woman that listens to him. When he suggests you do something or advise you, show him that you are paying attention. Also, learn how to say something so that he may not seem like you were ignoring him. Speak up and tell him words like,  “thank you, love, for the correction, i will work on that, ‘you are such a genius and I will do that,’ or  ‘I am nothing without you, thanks for the advice.’

2. Give him his space/freedom. 

Remember you both had your own lives before y’all met, so he would really love it if you give him his space. It’s not good to look needy and snoopy all the time.

He may think you don’t trust him. Having space in the relationship makes you bond more and builds intimacy and the bond that you share.

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3. Work on your own shortcomings. 

No relationship is perfect, there will always be challenges that make you grow and improve on becoming better partners for each other.

You will have to make an effort to work on what bothers him about you, this will make him see that you value what he says.

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4. Support his goals. 

If he tells you he wants to venture or start a new business or job, support him, girl! If he needs some things delivered somewhere, go and help him out. If he wants you to print and fill papers, do it. If he has no idea what to do, talk and suggest something.

Your man will appreciate it and when he sees you have an interest in supporting him, he will keep you.

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5. Reciprocate his generosity. 

Even men love being spoilt and feeling special. The same way he is going all out to take to you for dinner dates, surprise you with shoes or vacations, you need to reciprocate it.
Appreciate his efforts with thoughtful actions of your own like wearing sexy lingerie for him, making his favourite dishes or buying him cologne.
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