Chaos Erupts Minutes to BBI Launch at Bomas (Video)

It seems the BBI is the drama that keeps giving as a new saga unfolded minutes to it being launched to the public.

Following the handing over of the report to President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga, it was revealed that other leaders and MPs would be provided with a copy.

Politicians thronged the Bomas of Kenya for an opportunity to get their hands on the much-anticipated document that has both caused and elevated tension across the country for the past one month.

Invited guests at the Bomas of Kenya during the BBI Launch

Despite the magnitude of the event considering the President was among the people gracing the historic moment, leaders forgot how they were supposed to conduct themselves.

A scene ensued at the entrance to the building involving people who had been invited to the ceremony.

A section of the 747 people reported to have been invited, was seen shoving and fighting to gain entry into the auditorium of the building.

The leaders almost knocked over the detectors placed at the checkpoint in what would be termed as a moment of anarchy.

Aside from the comical situation witnessed, the other one that brewed leading to the event, was the case of the contents of the initiative finding their way to the media.

Reports indicated that Raila was the biggest loser following the revelation of the information included in the paperwork.

It is insinuated that the ODM leader and Deputy President William Ruto were duped by Uhuru in regards to what was contained in the brainchild of the handshake deal.

The sucker punch for Raila was attributed to the fact that there would be no referendum to change the structure of governance in the country.

ODM leader Raila Odinga during a past media briefing

The information tabled by the joint task force team maintained that the position of the president and that of his deputy would remain intact.

It, however, proposed the creation of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Ministers position.

The Commander-in-Chief would be responsible for selecting the Premier who would, later on, be confirmed by Parliament.

Another suggestion made was that the loser during the Presidential election race would be nominated to the National Assembly and take up the post of leader of the opposition.

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