BBI Recommendations Were Based on My Proposals- Kutuny

Cheragany Member of Parliament(MP) Joshua Kutuny on Wednesday said that the Building Bridges Initiative(BBI) task force borrowed on his proposals to come up with their recommendations.

Taking to his social media accounts, the MP expressed his gratitude on the fact that some of his ideas were captured on the report.

Cherangany MP Joshua Kutuny.

“On matters Building Bridges Initiative (BBi)- This was the proposal I was pushing in 2018 to amend the constitution of Kenya.

“I am glad BBI taskforce borrowed on my proposal to come up with its report in regard to the creation of the post of Prime Minister and his deputies,” wrote Kutuny on Facebook.

The MP also shared a document indicating his proposals to the BBI task force.

In his recommendations, the MP ha suggested that the President, Deputy President and the Cabinet Secretaries be elected members of National Assembly.

Also, the MP suggested that in the event one is elected as President and Deputy President respectively, one should resign as MP.

The MP also suggested the creation of the Prime Minister and his two deputies posts who will be appointed by the President with the approval of the National Assembly.

President Uhuru Kenyatta reading the report

The prime minister will head government business in the National Assembly.

On matters Building Bridges Initiative (BBi)- This was the proposal I was pushing in 2018 to amend the constitution of…

Posted by Joshua Kutuny on Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Also, Kutuny recommended the creation of the position of the official opposition leader who will be the leader of the second-largest party.

However, according to to he BBI report, the Prime Minister(PM) position should be created but with no deputies.

The PM , just like Kutuny recommended, should be the leader of government business in parliament.

Also, the BBI team recommended that the Cabinet Secretaries, who are referred to as cabinet ministers, be appointed from the National Assembly and also out of parliament.

The president and his deputy, however, will not be elected MPs as proposed by Kutuny.

Besides, the BBI team, just like Kutuny, recommended the creation of an official opposition leader in Parliament who will be from the second largest political party.

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