7 Interesting Things You Should Know About ‘Twa Twa’ Pastor Susan Munene

Pastor Susan Munene Photo: Courtesy

Pastor Susan Munene has stolen the hearts of many Kenyans giving majority a good laugh after advising her congregation to have twa twa (sex).

Pastor Susan encouraged that the act should be done everywhere including the car and kitchen.

“Kama kuna kitu inatufanya tukue kitu kimoja na pastor ni sex, us we can have sex anywhere, garini twa twa, Kitchen twa twa, everywhere” She added.

“If there is anything that keeps me and pastor (referring to her husband) together, it is sex, we can have sex anywhere, in the car Twa Twa, Kitchen Twa Twa. Everywhere.” Translates her sentiments.

Though not much was known about her, here is a compilation of interesting things many are yet know:

  1. She is married to one Pastor J Munene and they have been together for 20 years.

  2. Susan and Munene are founders of Overcomers Hope Ministries in Kasarani Nairobi.

  3. Susan’s viral video was recorded two weeks ago during a couples meeting and not in church, where they were discussing how to enjoy sex in marriage.

  4. Comedian Churchill made her famous – A couple took the highlight of their CD and sent it to their friends in the United States who now sent it to Churchill.

  5. There were no children during her preaching as the message was only meant for married couples.

  6. The ‘Twa twa’ statement was a result of her using humour when answering the question so that people could grasp what she was saying.

  7. As a marriage counsellor, Pastor Susan is against sex before marriage and encourages married couples to enjoy their conjugal rights.

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