Dramatic Turn as Ruto Changes Tune, Leads Church in Praying for BBI (Video)

Has Deputy President William Ruto been swept away by the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) wave?

This is the question in the mind of many Kenyans, who witnessed the deputy head of state pray for the BBI report, that is due on Tuesday.

Ruto was attending a church service in Kiambu Sunday, where he was requested to lead the congregation in a word of prayer, and surprisingly, among his prayer requests, was the BBI issue.

Deputy President William Ruto leads a Kiambu congregation in prayer

“We want to pray for all the leaders, even as we look forward to Tuesday for the release of the report on the BBI,” a humble Ruto told his heavenly Father.

“That your wisdom and knowledge shall supersede all human endeavours,” he continued, throwing subtle jabs at ODM leader Raila Odinga who he has, time and again, accused of using the BBI towards his personal gain.

Ruto went ahead to pray for the unity of the country and an all-inclusive journey towards prosperity.

Concluding by toning down on the political allusion, Ruto then prayed for the church and for journey mercies as the congregation and his convoy headed home.

Interestingly, Ruto on the same day castigated the undertaking by President Uhuru Kenyatta and Odinga, distancing himself from the entire process, by stating that pushing for the BBI is not part of his job description.

According to the deputy leader of the Jubilee Party, the job bestowed upon him by the Constitution is to assist Uhuru to implement development-based agendas, and not “Hii ingine ya BBI (not this other issue of BBI).”

Uhuru and Odinga are expected to receive the BBI report from the Yusuf Haji led taskforce Tuesday, and thereafter share it with eager Kenyans.

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