Kabogo’s Son Graduates in UK (PHOTOS)

Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo’s son Alvin has finally graduated from Brighton University where he has been studying for the past five years.

Alvin, who has never shied from publicly displaying his lavish life is seen from the photos shared by Kabogo online smiling alongside her mother Philomena who was present to witness the ceremony in the UK.

Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo (right) wife Philomena and son Alvin. PHOTO: Courtesy

As a student from non-UK member state country, Alvin Kabogo is estimated to have been paying at least Ksh 10 million per year as tuition fees.

In April, Alvin was spotted partying hard with socialite Vera Sidika at an exclusive entertainment joint associated with the rich kids of Nairobi’s political class.

He has also been spotted enjoying exclusive holiday destinations with some costing as high as Ksh 600,000.

In May, Alvin and his rich friends brought Nairobi to a near stand-still with their top-of-the-range cars which included his dad’s Jaguar XKR estimated to retail at Ksh 15 million and a swanky Porsche Carrera 911 GT supercar.

Porsche Carrera GT 911 in Nairobi. PHOTO: Courtesy

The Jaguar XKR hit headlines in Kenya when then Kiambu Governor William Kabogo took it out for the annual Kiambu-ring where exotic cars are displayed.

Members of the public watched in awe as the former governor’s son navigated Nairobi’s chocking traffic in a convoy of high-end cars to their popular drinking joint.

William Kabogo with his Jaguar XKR supercar. PHOTO: Courtesy

The Porsche 911 GT retails at Ksh 17 million and plays in the league of popular sportscars like McLaren and Ferrari.

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