7 Reasons Why Your Vagina Gets Wet

The vagina is one of the most sensitive organs in a woman’s body. It is known to produce its fluid which prevents it from bacteria.

The vaginal fluid contains these components; water, salt, organic compounds, antibodies and old cells (cells that line the vagina, uterus, and cervix and leave the body through the vaginal fluid. It appears in different colours; creamy, pink, yellowish, and grey.

If you have been wondering why your vajayjay is normally wet even when not aroused. Here are other factors every Kenyan lady should know about vaginal wetness;

1. You may be having an infection that is making you produce unusual vaginal fluid. These infections include yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis or sexually transmitted diseases. Quit sleeping around and avoid inserting items in your vagina.

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2. Hormones are also to blame for your wetness. This is because the body produces high estrogen levels that increase vaginal wetness.

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3. The vagina produces lubrication which is a natural part of your physiological functioning. The glands in your cervix and vaginal wall create essential lubrication to protect the genital area from any injury. This also helps keep your vagina clean and moist.

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4. Another reason you are wet down there is because of vaginal sweat. It is produced in the sweat glands. During sexual arousals, your vaginal area swells to due increased blood flow. This Vasocongestion(the swelling of bodily tissues caused by increased vascular blood flow and a localized increase in blood pressure). This results in a watery solution called vaginal transudate.

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5. The vagina gets wet because of arousal non-concordance which is when you feel physically aroused and you don’t want to have sex.

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6. Other instances that make you wet without being horny could be; watching porn or anything arousing.

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7. When a female feels sexually aroused, the Bartholin glands produce fluid which helps lubricate the vagina during sex. This will decrease the risk of painful sex.

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