5 Romantic Things Every Kenyan Man Should Do For Their Girlfriend When Broke


There are days as a man you can go broke and you are not able to treat your girl for a date.

If you have been wondering how you will treat her without spending too much, here are five romantic ways to treat her when you are financially unstable;

1. Invite her to your home and cook for her. 

The little things matter and go a long way. Try spicing this up by cooking her favourite meal, she will find it sweet. To make it more interesting get into the kitchen with her and cook together. You will have great romantic moments and share endless stories that will strengthen your relationship.

2. Take her for a free concert or stand-up play

Surprise her by taking her to a concert or stand up play since there are some which are free entry. Take your time to research on the internet and once you find something interesting, shoot your shot. If your girl is the kind that enjoys stand up plays, taking her to Alliance Francais would be a good idea. If she loves certain musicians and the concert has one of them performing, take her. She will be grateful.

3. Plan a romantic walk. 

Romantic walks are fun because you can play around, express all the PDA and talk things out regard everything. The romantic walks can be around your hood, the beach or parks.

If she is the type that loves nature and animals, take her to Nairobi Safari Walk (Ksh.215 only). The view, animals and green environs are breathtaking. Research other places like Karura (Ksh.150), Arboretum( Ksh. 50), Paradise lost (Ksh.400) and the likes. Do background research and you will choose what best suits you.

4. Plan a movie night at your home. 

It’s the weekend and you have no penny for taking her out, organise a movie night in your home. Buy some movies from your popular movie shop in the hood. Make sure it’s a genre she will enjoy. To make the movie night memorable and interesting, purchase food items that are easy to prepare like; popcorn seeds, buns or ham. And top the night up with a cuddle.


5. Exercise together. 

It’s good to think of burning calories together since you have been eating lots of junk food. It’s not a must you go to the gym, go for a run, jog or walk around your hood if it’ s safe.

You can also opt to work out at home, search for some fitness youtube videos and exercise at home.

Which is your favourite?

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