US Official Spills the Beans Why Amos Wako Was Banned

Barely a week after Busia Senator Amos Wako was banned from setting his feet in the United States of America, a number of hints have resurfaced on why the former Attorney General could have been locked.

According to a Citizen TV reporting on Friday, a US official reiterated that the Senator was involved in a number of corrupt activities during his tenure as the chief government lawyer.

Amos Wako speaks to journalists at Parliament buildings on Thursday, November 20.

“The Secretary of State has credible evidence hat Mr.Wako was involved in significant corruption while serving as Kenya’s Attorney General,” said the US state department official as quoted by Citizen Tv.

According to the US official, the impact of Wako’s involvement in corrupt activities left them with no option but expel him from their country.

“Corruption inflicts substantial cost into the economy, society and security; can facilitate organized crime, and saps confidence in the rule of law and governance.

“This directly impacts US national security, economic and foreign policy interests, and, we believe those of partner nations,” said US  state department official as quoted by Citizen Tv.

Interestingly, according to Citizen Tv inquiry, the response was given by US Bureau of international narcotics and law enforcement affairs, thus raising an eyebrow on the context of Amos Wako’s ban.

The body responding to Wako’s ban was formed in 1979 with the sole responsibility of reducing drug trafficking into the United States from Latin America.

Though the body’s role was reorganized 17 years after, with two key statures including implementing the architecture necessary for international drug control and cross-border international corporation included, it remains unclear on what basis the body expelled Wako from visiting the US.

The recent revelations come a day after the former Attorney General dared the US government to provide reasons why they banned him.

Though Wako said he had no interest in travelling to the US, he suspected a possible foul play given that it was not the first time the US government took him head-on.

In 2009, the US government revoked his Visa on the ground of corruption allegations.

Besides the tribulations, Wako on Thursday said he remains bold and his track record in the fight against corruption is unquestionable.

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