Quick Meals to Prepare For The Busy Nairobian

No one enjoys taking hours in the kitchen preparing dishes and most especially a typical Kenyan who is caught up with everyday troubles.

Many want to spend the least time possible while making a meal. Sometimes one wants to find a solution as they try to figure out what to prepare every single day.

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Apart from this, you can always ensure your fridge is restocked with everything you will need for your next meal.

Below are a few meals one can prepare in 30 or fewer minutes:


One can either boil or have it fried but does not need much preparations. A good boil will get going and you can serve with your favourite stew.

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Spaghetti cooks at maximum eight minutes and it will be cooked with the juices of the sauce in this case. The taste is marvellous. Try it.


Mashed Potatoes

Just as the name suggests, mashed potatoes are commonly cooked in replacement of another starch especially if one wants to try something new.

Pre-cooked Cereals

Could be the type of beans we find at the vibandas. The only advantage for one to have them ready under 30 minutes is buying when they are pre-cooked. One only needs to fry them. For Example Githeri, beans, ndengu and more.

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Known as a staple food for most Kenyans, preparing cook shouldn’t take more than twenty minutes. With proper heat, this meal is easy to prepare.


This is probably the easiest meal across the board. A recent invention of the noodles has many becoming creative just to have a different taste. It can be eaten plain or with onions, tomatoes, and seasonings of your choice. It is very easy to make and is one of Kenya’s latest invention.

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