Nine Easy Ways to Look Rich When You Are Broke (Photos)

Sometimes you gotta fake it till you make it.

This is Ess (Instagram)

People often say that you should ‘be yourself’ but unfortunately the first thing people remember about you is your appearance and not your personality. How you dress is how the world will address and perceive you so a good impression is important.

Here are ways you can look bougie on a budget:

1.Stick to Simple Colour Palettes

An off-white outfit (Courtesy)

Simple and minimalistic looks give an allusion of luxury. Colours like cream, grey, black and nude are perfect for this. You can wear an all-cream outfit with a pop of red on the lip.

2. Buy a Statement Piece
A pair of statement shoes from J’adior and a bag (Courtesy)

You are allowed to buy one expensive item such as a well-tailored blazer, a belt, a pair of shoes or a handbag. That expensive item will make the whole outfit look expensive even if your blouse is 100 bob and the jeans are 200 shillings.

3. Keep Makeup Natural

Natural makeup (Instagram)

Less is more in this game, overdone makeup can cheapen a look.

4. Groom Your Beard and Get A Haircut

A well-groomed man (blackmenwith beards)

Unless its ‘No-shave November’, looking like a freedom fighter is not a good look lads.


Accessorize with style (Instagram)

Keep your accessories simple. Do not wear a huge necklace with massive earrings as this will make your outfit look busy.

6.Include Structured Shapes Into Your Outfits

A long structured coat (Courtesy)

Well-tailored blazers, long structured coats, straight-leg boyfriend jeans give an expensive twist to your look.

7.Incorporate Patterns

Stripes and ruffles (Instagram)

A pattern like a leopard print blouse or a striped blouse gives an understated hint of luxury.

8.Wear Fitting Clothes

A form-fitting dress (Instagram)

Avoid clothes that look baggy or are too tight, well-fitting clothes will not only give you confidence but will make you look good.

9. Wear Sunglasses

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