My Son Will Join PP2 and He Doesn’t Know How to Count – Kenyan Mum Cries

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Every parent always desires to see their children get the best in life especially if they never had the privilege.

Sometimes, some situations happen to us and we are unable to handle them for example if you learnt your child was a slow learner what would you do?

The first step to help a slow learner is to accept the child with the shortcomings.

On the other hand, parental guidance is one of the most significant aspects that determine the success of a child. This becomes even more crucial for a child who suffers from slow learning and related challenges.

It is essential to understand that slow learning is not a medical condition and could happen to any child.

Below is a confession of a Kenyan mum in distress after learnig her child did not know how to count:

Guys, please help, my child is 4 years going to pp2 in 2020.

The problem is he doesn’t recognize letters and numbers, he knows numbers 1-10 but doesn’t know how to differentiate them. I mean he can call 6 as 4 and 8 as 5 such a thing.

Today we were doing his homework and I almost cried. He called all numbers as four, yaani he says this is four like a stick meaning 1. This is four like a duck meaning 2, this is four like a butterfly meaning 3, this is four like a cat meaning 5, Hadi tukafika 10.

Please tell me what I should do to help him because I don’t know anymore 😭😭😭 He will be 5 years in Feb and his teacher said he shouldn’t repeat because of age.

Assuming you were the parent to this child, what measures would you take to ensure your child adjusts well before joining pp2?

If the teachers denied your child the opportunity to repeat would you agree with them?

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