“I realized My Wife Has a More Masculine Than Feminine,” Frustrated Husband Confesses

We are all created in God’s image and it’s sad that we have people transforming themselves to another gender (transgender).

A frustrate husband opens up on how he has a side chic because he realised his wife has male features.

What would you do if it were you?

May God forgive me. I met with my wife in the final year of my college life. We became buddies instant, must admit the last semester of my college life was the best of them all. We fell in love and married shortly after we were both employed and had stable jobs.

So years moved by and it’s only last year that I realised my wife has a more male than the female side. Everything she has is female but her behaviour and my revelation show otherwise.

First, she has this odd ‘male-ish’ voice, that was never a bother since at first, I thought she just has a different voice. Second, to be honest, she is very strong, don’t mean emotionally or spiritually, I mean physical strength but I never gave it much thought until she gave birth to our firstborn.

That’s when she let go a bit and I noticed her tiny beards beneath her cheek that freaked me out. She noticed and the next day they weren’t there. She had SHAVED!!!!

Like I shave dear people. How can I get myself to accept her the way she is?. Had she told me in the first place, I think I would not have freaked out like I am now but this has affected me so much that I now have a side chick that I bang every chance I get.

Even though I made vows in an alter. I don’t understand why life has to be this cruel.

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