Why KDF Killed Teenage Bodaboda Rider in Mtongwe

The Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) has confirmed a Wednesday morning incident where a motorcyclist was shot dead in a Kenya Navy estate in Mtongwe.

Media reports indicated that the dead man was a 19-year-old bodaboda operator, who had gone to the area to drop a passenger, when soldiers guarding the estate opened fire on him, killing him instantly.

KDF’s Public Affairs Colonel, PM Njuguna, Wednesday afternoon disputed these claims, saying that the deceased forced his way into Lt. Kol Kimaro Estate.

“The motorcyclist was flagged down by sentries to identify himself but forcefully proceeded to the main gate at a high speed even after a warning shot was fired,” Colonel Njuguna said in a statement.

“This prompted one of the soldiers on guard duties to fire two direct shots at the intruder in an attempt to immobilise him but he succumbed to his injuries,” he clarified.

A KDF soldier on guard

KDF said that investigations into the incident have commenced as the government seeks to establish the motives of the teenager’s deadly actions.

KDF’s statement on deadly shooting by Kenya Navy officers

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