Ethic Release Another S8x Song After Alfred Mutua Deleted Last Immoral Song


Famous Gengeton group Ethic has released another ratchet son just days after their previous one was banned and deleted from music streaming platform Youtube.

The ‘Pandana’ crooners are hard set on keeping their fans entertained despite getting countless warnings from authority.

Earlier in the month, their song ‘Tarimbo’ was banned by moral cop and Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua. According to him and a number of Kenyans, the song’s lyrics advocates for the rape of women. He even went ahead and called for their arrest.

“The DCI should arrest the entire bunch of musicians called Ethic, under Article 33, for going beyond the prescribed delimitations on freedom of expression by advocating for violence against women,” said the KFCB CEO.

Ethic, in turn, issued a statement apologizing for the song.

“As Ethic Entertainment, we are truly remorseful for any dolor caused by the lyrics to our single, and for every single person that was triggered to a displeasing memory or emotion by it, receive our sincere apologies. Rest assured that no disrespect was intended,” read part of the statement that was posted on Ethic’s official twitter handle.

Well, that hasn’t slowed them down one bit. The new song is indeed still about sex, as that is what they are known for. The song titled ‘Maji Maji’ was released just two days ago and has already amassed over 84,000 views.

We wonder what Ezekiel will say to this. It’s only a matter of time. Before them, Ezekiel had banned ‘Wamlambes’ by Sailors.

“These so-called musicians and performers have defied everything decent societies hold dear. They have thrown morality to the four winds in the name of money and popularity,” he said.

Check out the new song below:

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