Man Down! Boniface Mwangi and Xtian Dela Exchange Words After Ngina Kenyatta’s Unemployment Speech

Kenya’s first daughter Ngina Kenyatta ruffled a few feathers after giving a speech on youth empowerment on Saturday 16, November.

Speaking on behalf of the Kenyatta Trust, the president’s only daughter touched on the very sensitive topic of Youth employment.

Considering the high unemployment rates in the country, you can imagine what response she got from netizens. She faced a lot of backlash from netizens around the country. Some went as far as saying that the only good thing about her speech was her detectable British accent.

After the backlash, popular producer and blogger Xtian Dela took it upon himself to defend Ngina’s honour. Taking to his twitter, the influencer urged people not to blame the child for her father mistakes.

“It’s stupid attacking Ngina Kenyatta!! Is it her fault that she was born privileged? She is doing the most she can do to make Kenya a better place,” he said.

His remarks rubbed local activist Boniface Mwangi the wrong way and he did not shy away from saying it. Boniface was appalled by Xtian’s alleged ‘stupidity’.

“We respect your right to be stupid @xtiandela,” he started.

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Boniface then went ahead to highlight all the things he believes the first family has done wrong.

“Ngina Kenyatta was told the truth, her papa is the reason why young Kenyans are unemployed. Her grandpa is the reason we have entrenched land issues and tribalism. Her grandma was an elephant poacher. Her mama scammed us with Beyond Zero,” said Boniface.

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Netizens took sides with most of the siding with Bonnie on the matter.

“Hehehe nice one Bonny. Man down , I repeat man down Referee waves okay on,” said Suleiman Kemboi. Thagathaga then added, “Nikikumbuka Xtiandela alikuwa trendsetter wangu 2014-2016, naisha nguvu kwa hypothalamus. My gods, forgive me.”

Check out their twitter war below:



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