KOT Hilariously Troll Pink Nganya


Kenyans on Twitter commonly referred to as KOT have savagely attacked a pink nganya and cracked many ribs in the process.

The pink matatu was posted by one netizen who goes by the twitter handle @OsamaOtero. The keyboard warrior posted it saying it would be the best idea to travel with the beauty to the coast for the upcoming #KOT5aside tournament.

“Dear KOT, nimekuwa nikido research vile tutafika #KOT5aside and i think this is best idea that came by. Imagine travelling with a bigger squad, socializing all along from Imenti-Mlolongo-Tsavo-Mtito Andei and finally mombasani with this? It costs 3k per person,” said Osama.

The post has received varied responses but most of them have been from men criticizing travelling in the car which has a feminine colour.


“My toxic masculinity won’t allow me to board a pink jav,” Dan Riro confessed. Some justified themselves saying their gangster points matter too much to them to let people see them travel in a pink matatu.

Lakini hii pink brathe….si heri tu tukimbie through the Tsavo and be chased by lions like the mens we are,” said Oliver Amtai.

One Kenyan going by the username Arsene Wenger made fun of those willing to travel in the matatu calling them poor. “Hamuendi na flight? Poverty,” he exclaimed.

Here is the pink matatu they were making fun of.




Check out the funny tweets given in response to the post;




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