How To Deal With Sexual Rejection In A Relationship

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Dealing with sexual rejection in a relationship is hard since it involves processing the pain and trying to understand why your partner would say No.

In as much as some reasons for them rejecting you might make no sense, it is important to show that you have some respect towards how your partner feels.

Women would reject their man’s sexual advances for many reasons including not being in the mood.

Other causes of sexual rejection could be because your partner does not find you sexually attractive or they are simply trying to send a signal.


Here are some ways to deal with sexual rejection

It is never your fault

Never beat yourself up thinking that you are on the wrong. Rejection never means that you are the problem it could also be a reflection of how your partner feels about themselves.

Sometimes your partner could have insecurities and therefore do not be too quick to conclude that you are the problem.

Find out what your partner is trying to communicate

Usually, when something stops, your partner is trying to communicate a certain message. Find out whether your partner is angry and whether you can apologize for it.

Find out what your partner wants

After getting what your partner is trying to communicate, both of you should be clear on whether you would like to fix the situation or not.

Some people would prefer ending the relationship especially if they feel that they will always be insecure about what is making them reject you.

Seek medical assistance

For issues that can be resolved by surgeries or any form of medical help, you should never shy off from pursuing this option.

Talk to a therapist

A couple of therapy sessions can be helpful. Speaking to a counselor will help both of you put things into perspective.

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