19-Year-Old KMTC Girl Fakes Kidnapping To Con Brother Ksh20,000

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations(DCI) on Friday investigated a group of students caught for allegedly faking abduction.

According to DCI, 19-Year-Old KMTC- Mbagathi Student called her brother to inform her that she was abducted and that the kidnappers demanded a Ksh20,000 ransom to set her free.

KMTC students in Class.

The brother, DCI said, quickly sent the cash but while following up the phone went off within minutes.

The brother thereafter reported the matter to the DCI, where Special Crimes Prevention Unit(SPCU) swung into action and nabbed the sister at Thika Road Mall parting with her boyfriend and other groups of university friends.

“FOLLOWING an Alleged yet Suspicious Abduction report of a 19-Year-Old KMTC- Mbagathi Student, #DCI Detectives are Interviewing a group of University Students arrested at Thika Road Mall including the alleged victim & her boyfriend.

“This is after the lady was traced at a party in the said mall, moments after calling her brother alleging that unknown people had abducted her & were demanding for Ksh20,000 to secure her release.

Special Crimes Prevention Unit trailed the girl and caught up with her.

“The brother immediately sent the money to her phone after which the phone was switched off. On receiving the report, SCPU detectives launched forensic trails leading them to the party venue,” wrote the DCI on its social media accounts.

According to the DCI, the girl, after being caught up, quickly called her mother and informed her that she had been released by the kidnappers and dropped at a mall in Karen.

“While observing their reactions, the boyfriend was contacted & asked to go & record a statement with police on the issue.

“The lady immediately switched on her phone and called the mother saying she had just been dropped at Galleria Mall in Karen.

“Upon arrest, it was established that the Ksh. 20,000 was still in her Mpesa account,” added the DCI.

FOLLOWING an Alleged yet Suspicious Abduction report of a 19-Year-Old KMTC- Mbagathi Student, #DCI Detectives are…

Posted by Directorate of Criminal Investigations – DCI on Friday, 15 November 2019

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