Ladies, These 5 Hairstyles Will Make Your Cheekbones Look Sexy


Cheekbones are the structure of your face underneath your face. They are divided into two; low and high cheekbones.

Some of you have been blessed with mighty ones and you are not proud of them because you can’t pull off a certain hairstyle or rock sunglasses with different frames.

If you have been wondering what hairstyle would flatter your cheekbones, here are five hairdos that will do some justice;

1. Straight Long hair.

Any kind of straight hair brings out class, sass, and elegance. It works best for those with a round face.

Rocking this hairdo it will create height and length around your face structure especially on the face and neck. A long and short bob can also work. Your cheekbones will be looking bomb and also younger!

2. Go the Fringe way.

Fringe is sexy and makes one look younger.  There are two types of fringes; side and full.

It depends on what you want, the fringe hairdo brings attention to the eyes and flatters your facial shape.  In most cases, it makes your face appear more oval.

3. Get a Bob.

A bob is everything! It makes your cheekbones pop gracefully and flatters every part of it. They can be short, long or medium length.

The chin-length of the bob is said to soften the facial features and accentuates the cheek- and jawbones. This also opens up the neck and collarbones, which adds a really feminine and sexy appeal.

4. A Pixie Cut.

This is a short hairstyle that is very easy to maintain and convenient.

It has a boyish look that can be challenging to rock but the way it lifts your face, heavenly! People will think you did a facelift surgery.


5. Wavy Hair 

It’s a fun and flirty hair style that can be rocked at any age.

It frames your face and covers your forehead, this hairdo would work well with those that belong to the forehead gang.




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