Why Raila Has Advantage Ahead of Ruto in 2022 Polls – Ahmednasir Explains

Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi has claimed that former Prime Minister Raila Odinga will have an advantage over other candidates if he runs to be the President of Kenya in 2022.

The outspoken lawyer claimed that Raila’s advantage over opponents, including Deputy President William Ruto, will stem from his friendship with President Uhuru Kenyatta thanks to the handshake.

He noted that the ODM leader currently enjoys executive powers, and will also lay claim to “glowing record of Jubilee”.

Raila Odinga
(Photo, Courtesy)

“Hon Raila will have a huge advantage against any candidate including DP Ruto if he runs to be President of Kenya in 2022.

Because of the handshake and the executive powers bestowed upon him by H.E Uhuru he is a proud co-owner of the Unenviable/glowing record of Jubilee” Ahmednassir posted on Twitter.

Meanwhile, the ODM has denied claims by some members of parliament who belong to Tanga Tanga camp that Raila met with government officials including cabinet secretaries on the eve of Kibra elections.

“The Tanga Tanga brigade has stated that CSs’ Dr. Fred Matiangi, PSs Dr. Karanja Kibicho and Inspector General of Police held a meeting in a hotel in Nairobi on the Kibra elections eve, why did they not report this to any state agency if any law was broken and state which hotel this meeting took place?”

The Party claimed that the group allied to DP Ruto of a “deliberate attempt to besmirch the characters of the CSs, the IG and senior government officials for political gain”.

ODM accused Tanga Tanga of creating a narrative that DP Ruto is being targeted unfairly by the state.

Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu accused the DP Camp of targeting people who were not involved in the Kibra byelection campaigns.

“You lost in Kibra. That’s just the beginning. So get used to losing and stop throwing childish tantrums and attacking people who were not even involved in campaigns” he said.

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