Random Dog Beats President Uhuru in Twitter Poll

A section of Kenyans protesting against President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration reduced the debate on Twitter to a rather fascinating poll which pitted the President against a dog.

In a shocking turn of events, the poll posted by a tweep identified as Victor Mochere saw the dog beat President Kenyatta in popularity by a whopping 97 per cent!

Screenshot of a Twitter poll pitting President Kenyatta and a pet dog. PHOTO: Courtesy

The tweep had prompted users under the trending Hashtags #UhuruResign and #FireThePresident to Retweet for President Kenyatta or Like for the dog.

By the close of business Wednesday, the dog had garnered a clean 3000 likes against President Kenyatta’s 78 likes.

For the better part of Wednesday, tweeps decried Government policies and over-borrowing that had increased the cost of life and forced businesses to close down.

Over-taxation has also seen several businesses close down leading to massive lay-offs of Kenyans previously working in the shut businesses.

Early November, Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria apologised to Kenyans on behalf of Treasury officials who he alleged had cooked books and misled the country.

Kuria had said Treasury officials had opted for expensive loans instead of zero-rated alternatives from the World Bank, which in the process had put Kenyans under pressure to make repayment.

The angry netizens also called for the President to resign, saying he had allowed wanton impunity and corruption to go on in the Government ministries, departments and agencies with reckless abandon.

This comes just days after Treasury unsuccessfully attempted to reduce Judiciary budget by over 50 per cent in an attempt to effect austerity measures.

The move was followed by an outburst from Chief Justice David Maraga who stated that the slash would cripple crucial operations necessary for ordinary Kenyans to get justice.

However, another group opposed to the netizens argued the President should be allowed time to complete his term.

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